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  • Do Flies Fart? Flatulence In Flies

    Do Flies Fart? Flatulence In Flies

    Although this isn’t the most pleasant topic to talk about, passing gas or farting is something we all do, and flies are no exception! When there’s a buildup of gas “methane” in our digestive system, at some point, it needs to be released, the same thing happens to flies. Like most life forms, flies have…

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  • Are Fruit Flies Attracted To Light?

    Are Fruit Flies Attracted To Light?

    In a recent study performed by researchers at the University of Miami, they found that fruit flies “Drosophila Melanogaster” are attracted to light! But, what’s even more fascinating is that their attraction changes with the time of day! For example, fruit flies will hover around green light in the morning and late afternoon, but switch…

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  • Do Dragonflies Eat Butterflies?

    Do Dragonflies Eat Butterflies?

    The answer is yes, dragonflies can eat butterflies. However, this is incredibly rare and usually only happens when there isn’t enough food around for the dragonfly to sustain itself on. Dragonflies prefer to eat smaller insects such as mosquitoes, flies, small beetles, moths and other flying creatures they can catch while in flight. But if…

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  • Do Caterpillars Have Teeth?

    Do Caterpillars Have Teeth?

    No, caterpillars do not have teeth. Instead, they have a specialized mouthpart called a ‘mandible’, which is used for chewing and breaking down food. Caterpillars also possess two sets of tiny hooks called ‘setae’ on their mandibles which help them to grasp onto food while they eat. The setae also serves as an anchor point…

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